Superseded draft materials

This page contains superseded drafts of codes and supporting documentation. These documents are outdated but can be accessed below for procedural transparency.

Industry associations first submitted draft codes to the Office of the eSafety Commissioner in November 2022. On 9 February 2023, eSafety made a preliminary assessment of the first draft codes. This assessment requested that additional feedback be considered by industry prior to the codes being resubmitted to the eSafety Commissioner by 9 March 2023, to better address community expectations. 

Industry associations requested an extension to conduct a second 30-day round of consultation on the revised draft codes. A short extension was granted, with a deadline set for the revised codes to be resubmitted to the eSafety Commissioner by 31 March 2023, allowing for a two-week period of second public consultation.  

During the second consultation period (9 March to 23 March), industry associations sought feedback on the revised codes. These can be found below and include ‘Revised – 9 March’ in the document title. 

Also listed below are the superseded draft codes submitted to the eSafety Commissioner on 18 November 2022 for registration. These draft codes include ‘Closed for comment – superseded draft’ in the document title. 

Final codes were prepared and submitted to the eSafety Commissioner on 31 March 2023.

Second round consultation: Supplementary Explanatory


Details of how industry has approached revision of the codes for the second round of consultation can be found in this explanatory memorandum.

Superseded – 2022 Request for registration

Details about the basis upon which the industry associations sought registration of the codes in November 2022, including details of how the codes meet the criteria of the Online Safety Act 2021 and the expectations outlined in the eSaftey Position Paper.